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Our warranty policy is as follows:

  1. We test all repairs and servicing we do, and thus, all of our repairs come with a 90-day warranty from the day of purchase should there be a defect in our work or improper servicing applied, subject to our evaluation or upon written agreement, as it could be extended depending on the work performed and part(s) installed.  Our 90-day warranty covers defects and workmanship of the product(s) we install.  If you break the device or there is visible wear and tear to either the unit or part we replaced or alter the work we accomplished, it will not be covered under warranty; if warranty is not the fault of Central Computer Technologies, Inc. (CCT), the customer will pay for service charges incurred beyond the work previously applied.  If service labour is defective with the same fault during this time period, labour will be repaired again at no charge; if the new equipment is at fault, the manufacturer’s limited warranty will be applied if it qualifies for replacement, subject to shipping charges if incurred; if you change a part with us after we install it and you are not completely satisfied with it, please let us know.
  2. We are not responsible for any data loss incurred in attempting to recover the device brought to us for service repairs.  It is highly recommended to back up your device before letting us diagnose and/or repair it.  We offer this service of data backup should you need it and that it’s imperative to perform, subject to the health of the drive, i.e., bad sectors, shock & drop, static and power damage, and the amount of user data in it to recover.
  3. Any evidence of physical or liquid damage or tampering with the product(s) we repaired, built, or serviced voids our 90-day warranty.  After the repaired device(s) / unit(s) leave our facility after they have demonstrated good working operation, unforeseen damage may still occur as a result of corrosion, physical tampering, or equipment degradation. If we successfully repair your device after physical or water damage, we highly recommend that you backup your device immediately in the event that possible corrosion renders your device permanently inoperable.
  4. We gladly service devices repaired at competitor locations, but we are unable to honour warranties on work that was not completed by us here at CCT.  Please note that any repairs made generally by any third party, if they are not manufacturer-approved, will void the manufacturer’s original warranty.