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Electronics Repair & Service

CCT soldering on an IC board

Electronics Repair and service

Bring your gadgets to us for an evaluation, estimate or quote for repair or modification

We set the standard for quality service when performing electronics repair and welcome various electronic products to be repaired with us, as they can be disassembled and repaired using the same techniques we employ in Windows and Mac computer and mobile device repairs.

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We’ve successfully restored everything from remote control fob units, agricultural equipment, control boards, discrete printed circuit boards (PCB), bluetooth (BT) gaming headsets and bluetooth speaker combos, hot tub circuit boards, process and factory automation equipment, ECM, BCM, PCM, gaming consoles like PlayStation and Microsoft (MS) Xbox units, and more. Our techs relish in the challenge and get excited when they see things come alive ! Bring your gadgets to us for an evaluation, estimate, or quote!

Once diagnosed in one hour or in that phase of it, it may get repaired the same day or next – as we determine the problem and explain what must occur to get your device back in operation as quickly as possible.

We use top-notch conventional equipment and more advanced tools to apply microsoldering to the removal and installation of discrete components to perform electronic repairs for both Windows and Mac computers and mobile devices; it doesn’t stop there as we apply our repairs strategies and methodologies to data recovery processes and point-of-sale systems (POS).

repairing a computer with soldering iron CCT