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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Managed Services leave me open to data theft? How secure is it?

Managed services require a high level of trust from your IT service provider. A large part of managed services requires that the provider have open access to all your systems. This same trust is given when you call a service provider and they need to take your system into the shop to work on it. We take pride in our reputation. Your data is our business. Discretion is assured, and productivity is not interrupted.

Remote desktop connections are performed by us through AnyDesk or TeamViewer, and all connections are encrypted with 256-bit encryption.  All communication up and down from the agent running the scans on your PC is also encrypted.  In addition, we partner with an award-winning company that has made it’s mark by offering security-based software to enterprise-based companies all over the world.

Due to our required policy standards, automated maintenance tasks, Windows patching, backup monitoring, professional management and administration, and an enterprise-level managed endpoint security solution, your network assets and computer(s) will be more secure and headache-free than before.

How does Managed Services work?