Vince Davies, President and Senior Technician…

Am a engineering professional with over 10 years experience in providing high quality design, installation and full service electronics, computer and network technical support -providing solutions and maintaining equipment & systems for the industries of original equipment manufacturing (OEM), oil and gas (ONG), aerospace, agriculture, maintenance repair & overhaul (MRO) services, pulp and paper, and water & wastewater, successfully troubleshooting issues and improving productivity around various types of electronics, commercial & industrial grade computers and networking equipment, such as solving WiFi and LAN communications issues, clouds, and various IT related desktop – laptop, tablet / iPad and smartphone / cell applications, including providing support for various O/S.

My background includes creating, implementing and managing redundant network design, high security control & network systems, maintenance and programming, and recommendation of IT technologies, i.e. systems development using equipment such as routers and switches, servers, printers, prioritizing and dealing with hardware & software issues, providing security tests and assurance, providing site surveys / topology analysis, determining of issues and requirements and what stages of equipment deployment is necessary. Anyway, there is so much more.  Throughout my career, I consulted, demonstrated and trained people regarding these various technologies, increasing their productivity, solving problems like that of restoring irreplaceable data and problem solving difficult network communications.

As a certified engineering technologist (CET) with the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET), I keep apprised of new technologies, network with technology professionals, confer with end users, management and IT specialists on finding out what new systems could be recommended, based on discussion of applications, and experience of use for increased functionality improving overall efficiency and reliability.

I pride myself on effectively assisting people, making a difference in their world, helping them overcome difficulties and challenges.  When I see ease and breakthrough for clientele in what they needed to accomplish through the services I provide, I get excited and so do they.  We acknowledge that together, we are in a winning relationship!

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