Q:  Does Managed Services leave me open to data theft? How secure is it?

A: Managed Services requires a large level of trust with your IT Service Provider. A large part of managed services requires that the provider have open access to all your systems. This same trust is given when you call a service provider and they need to take your system in to the shop to work on. We take pride in our reputation. Your data is our business. Discretion is assured and productivity is not interrupted.

B: Remote desktop connections are performed by us through AnyDesk or TeamViewer, and all connections are encrypted with 256 bit encryption.  All communication up and down from the agent running the scans on your PC is also encrypted.  In addition, we partner with an award winning company that has made it’s mark in offering security based software to enterprise based companies all over the world.

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C: Due our required policy standards, Automated Maintenance Tasks, Windows patching, backup monitoring, professional management and administration and a enterprise level managed endpoint security solution, your network assets / computer(s) will be more secure and headache free than before.

Q: How does Managed Services work?

A: We simply come to your office and install our ‘Software Agents’ on all your PC’s and Servers.  The process takes about 10 minutes per install.  (Install through group policy is available with larger networks.)  After installation you do nothing but relax, knowing that your systems are being protected.  The Agent we installed on your systems does all the work by collecting critical system operating data, and reports its state back as a pass or fail.  Reports are only sent when a state changes from pass, so network use is very minimal.  The agent runs as a service (in the background) and it’s impact on system resources are minimal.  Your ‘Software Agent’ collects instructions (scripts) from my dashboard where there translated into actions preformed in the daily maintenance of the your machine it is running on.  Sometimes actions are required, and we need to preform tasks on the computer manually.

B: During the evening when you sleep, or when your offices are closed, so as not to disturb your system performance during working hours, we are hard at work performing system tweaks on your computers, ensuring the best possible performance everyday.  During the day, help is a phone call away!  If you have a problem, call and we’ll perform a remote desktop session and fix the issue instantly!  No waiting no travel charges, just fast professional service with one low monthly fee.

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