Central Computer Technologies is a Canadian distributor partnering with i3D, manufacturing the best 3D printing technology products and accessories offered. Click the i3D logo below to see an exciting video slider of the products made from the technology, and to explore more about it.


3D printing is not a new term or concept.  Though the technology was pioneered in the 1980’s, the vast breadth of potential applications was only appreciated within this past decade as patents expired, computing technology improved, and various organizations – including NASA — began to research its value to their operations.  Since then, the almost magical capabilities of 3D printers have become widely known.  Click the button below to learn more.

i3D product models vary according to the parameters of the application that are addressed, for example, the number of extruders, extruder temperature, filament sensors, the type of auto leveling bed, and the auto filament feeding required.  More about that as we discuss your project requirements.  Below are links to 5 product families manufactured including a link for services offered by i3D to achieve total success.  Specifications and pricing are found within.

SLM Metal Printers
High Performance Printers

Economical 3D Printers



3D Modelling Accessories


i3D Services

Our mission here is to provide you and your organization with the information and tools you need to see the transforming power of 3D printing in your world.  Call us at 1(403)872-5163 or or e-mail your project design requirements or scope for production or setup to info@centralcomputertech.com.  If it makes it any easier, fill out the form with your details and needs in our ‘Contact Us‘ page.

To find out more about i3D and what they can benefit you, please click ‘About i3D‘.


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